About T.L and the Wild Noveling Tribe

About Me

No, sadly I don’t have a pair of glowing-eyed demon familiar dogs, they’re just normal everyday black Labs, but they do have their moments.

Who am I?  Incipient mad chicken lady.  Volunteer firefighter.  Wild noveler. English and Art teacher.  Hugger of trees.  All those things and many more.

I write because I love to write.  I love to get into the characters and their stories, and I find novel-writing way more engrossing than any video game.

I’ve written twelve fiction books so far and there are many more stories still swirling around in my head!


About the Wild Noveling Tribe

I just love to talk noveling with people, and I love to inspire confidence in others to write their own tales.

I wanted a way to help those people I meet.  People who tell me they’d love to write too, but can’t. Mostly that reason is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of not being a good enough writer.

It is so sad to hear people tell me that they want to write but can’t. I believe we all have stories in us to tell, and so I created the Wild Noveling Tribe to allow me to help others to write, and to help them to get the same pleasure from writing as I do.

Novel-writing is not a mysterious art.  It just requires practice, like any skill worth having.  That, and a little confidence to push past the moments where it gets hard. Anything worthwhile gets hard at times, but it just makes the joy when you succeed that much sweeter.

There’s not much in this life that gets more triumphant than knowing you wrote a novel all the way through thick and thin, and are now a genuine Author!

If you want to write that novel, I will be there to encourage and support you every step of the way.


Come back to loving your writing!

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